Running trails

Trnovo - Path along the wire

We start our run in the Park by the river Gradaščica, which is a site of the releasing of the “little gregorians” on the St. Gregory’s Day, the first day of spring. People release small cartboard houses, churches, barges and other objects with a small tealight in them, which heralds the arrival of the lighter part of the year, when the sun is on the horizon long enough for artisans to work. We turn past Trnovska church to Karunova ulica, where the house of the architect Jože Plečnik, where he lived and worked, stands. We go through the district of Trnovo on a winding street and when we reach Barjanska cesta, in front of the bridge, we turn right onto a wide gravel path - the path along the wire. There are also signs that direct us on it. Follow the path for just under 6 kilometers to the univesity complex of several Facultys. When there we turn right along the path by the Glinščica river. When you reach the wooden footbridge, cross it over and then head up the bike path on the hill towards the main road Večna (ethernal) Path. Follow the road past Tivoli Park, all the way to the city center and after Cankarjev dom turn right onto Igriška street. We follow the Roman wall, then turn left onto the Snežniška street and follow the Aškerčeva street on the right  to the Roman wall, which was built in the years 14 and 15 AD and due to it’s sturdiness has lasted, in some areas, for as long as 2000 years. The wall, 2.40 meters wide and between six to eight meters high, once surrounded the city center of the Roman city of Emona. The city forts in the district of Mirje were renovated according to the plans of the architect Jože Plečnik.