Running trails

Tivoli Park - Rožnik

We start at the Tivoli Park parking lot, going towards the Jakopič Promenade and run through the Tivoli Park, which is the largest and most beautiful park in Ljubljana. It reaches into the very center of the city and is divided into three chestnut avenues. Its arrangement with individual flower beads and interesting trees is complemented by numerous statues and several fountains. We circle around the pond, which was once used for skating, and circumvent the Greenhouse and the Botanical Garden, where it smells best in the summer due to the wild roses blooming. We continue along the Podrožniška path and turn onto the Večna (ethernal) path before the road ascends onto Rožnik. At the Zoo, we join the parallel bike path that leads us to Koseški pond. Koseški pond is an artificial lake on the outskirts of Ljubljana, created on a former clay excavation gronds and is an example of a swampy natural environment inhabited by rare and endangered animal and plant species. We run around along a well-kept promenade and return to the slope of Rožnik. Around Šišenski hill we descend back to Tivoli Park.