Running trails

Around the Šmarna gora mountain

We run along the street leading towards Šmartno. After approximately 300 m, on the left side of the street, under a hayrack stands a giant barrel, a remnant of the local barreling craft, for which they were very famous in Tacen (part of Ljubljana) and considered the best at it. Make a left turn into the next street, go around the old stone village well and continue along the main street. After 1 kilometer, we turn left into the village of Šmartno pod Šmarno Goro, where we will pass the church of Sv. Martin. After 450 m, turn left onto Gustinčičeva Street. Here the road changes its structure, going from asphalt to gravel. After approximately 700 m we turn left and enjoy the embrace of the forest all the way to the village of Zavrh, where Jakob Aljaž, the first owner of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, was born. We follow the gravel road towards Spodnje Pirniče for a good kilometer. We make a right turn onto the main road, followed by a left turn into the first street we continue running the winding road for about 600 m through the village to the Straža spring. The water temperature of the spring ranges between 17 and 23 ° C, so you can come across a swimmer even in winter time. From here we run 2 kilometers past the fields to the wooden hanging bridge, which was built almost 100 years ago with the aim of aiding the Ljubljana mountaineers, who came to Medno by train and then went on foot to Šmarna gora. Follow the right bank of the Sava river for 2.5 kilometers back to the Parking lot.