Take advantage of the seasonal discounts on registration fees

8. 8. 2022

The Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon is joining the wave of summer price discounts and is offering a special discount on registration fees for participation in the marathon or half-marathon to all those who have not yet registered. The discounts are valid from August 8 to August 15, 2022. When registering, please enter the code GREMOVLJUBLJANO to get a 20€ discount! At the moment price for 21 and 42km run is 60€, with code you pay only 40€.

A cheaper registration fee applies also to the Garmin 10km run

Not only for the two longer runs, you are also able to use the summer promo discount for the Garmin 10 km run at the VW Ljubljana Marathon. From August 8 until August 15, 2022, the registration fee will be reduced by 10€ when entering the code GREMOVLJUBLJANO at registration. At the moment the price for the GARMIN 10km run is 50€, with code you pay only 40€.

The registration form and tender conditions can be found at registrations.