Crossings over this year's marathon route

3. 10. 2019

During the time of the complete closure of the Ljubljana Marathon route, it will be possible to cross the route at the following intersections:

  1. City center: Slovenska Street – Tivolska Street – OF Square
  2. Bežigrad district: Bežigrad – Dunajska Street – Linhartova Street after 10 a.m.
  3. Bežigrad district: Samova Street – Dunajska Street - Topniška Street
  4. Bežigrad district: Posavskega Street – Dunajska Street – Dimičeva Street
  5. Bežigrad district: connecting Street between Slovenčeva Street and Dunajska Street – Dunajska Street – Street Janez Porenta
  6. Bežigrad district: Slovenčeva Street – Bevkova Street
  7. Šiška district: Goriška Street – Litostrojska Street
  8. Šiška district: Pečnikova Street – Celovška Street – Jožeta Jame Street
  9. Šiška district: Plešičeva Street – Regentova Street – Korenčanova Street
  10. Šiška district: Regentova Street – Majorja Lavriča Street
  11. Šiška district: Draga – Šišenska Street – Pod hribom
  12. Vič district: Gregorinova Street – II Rožna dolina Street
  13. Trnovo district: Barjanska Street – Cesta v Mestni log Street
  14. Fužine district: Zaloška Street – Kajuhova Street

You will be able to cross the marathon route when it is safe for all those involved in the traffic and when an authorized person at the crossroads will give you permission to do so.

We ask all residents and visitors for their patience and understanding!

You can see the exact location of the intersections on the map below.