Information for runners

Start times and limits

The start times:

  • the start of GARMIN 10km run will be at 8.30
  • the start of the half marathon handbike will be at 10.25
  • the starts of full and half marathon will be at 10.30.

All races start at Slovenska street (near Drama). The organizer advises all the participants to follow the instructions and separate in to groups from 1 to 5 (as specified above). Please line up properly and on time.

Limit for GARMIN 10 km run is 1:30:00. Slower runners will finish the race in front of the Kavarna Evropa at Gosposvetska street.

Limit time for the full marathon is 6 hours. The full marathon (42.195 m) runners who do not finish the first round (20.000 m) in 2 hours and 30 minutes (brutto), and are behind tempo runner for 5:00, will be redirected to the finish. The results will be published among the results of the half marathon.