Information for runners

Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony in the absolute category will be according to the following tentative schedule:

  • GARMIN 10 km run men at 9.20
  • GARMIN 10 km run women at 9.30
  • half marathon handbike men at 11.20
  • half marathon handbike women at 11.35
  • half marathon absolute category - men at 11.50
  • half marathon national championship - men at 12.10
  • half marathon absolute category - women at 13.00
  • half marathon national championship - women at 13.10
  • full marathon absolute category - men at 13.30
  • full marathon absolute category - women at 13.40 

There won't be a public awards ceremony by categories. The first three competitors will receive their awards in the tent of the Trg republike.

The competitors that will not claim the awards at the main stage can also claim the awards at Timing Ljubljana, Staničeva 41, Ljubljana, 3rd floor by 14th November 2020.