21.098 m

Half marathon

21.098 m
10:30 a.m.
Entry fee
by September 30th 2020 40.00 EUR
Ljubljana City centre and surrounding areas of the towne
Sunday, October 25th 2020, at 10:30 a.m.
Ljubljana City Council
TIMING Ljubljana


On line registration form is available only on web page before the deadline at the latest - 30.09.2020.



The price includes: starting number with single use chip, running shirt and a cupon for pasta party. One should settle the registration fee in regards to the instructions you received during registration.

Entry fee for half marathon (21.098 m):
Payment by September 30th 2020 40.00 EUR

CANCELLATION POLICY: Paying cancellation policy reserves you the right of refunding the cost of the registration fee in case of cancellation performance at Marathon. The risk of failure is 5 € and it's due to pay at registration. Without paying cancellation policy, the repayment (including medical certificate) will not be possible.

Deadline for cancellation and refundation of fee is 15.10.2020. The runner has to write a cancelation e-mail to info@timingljubljana.si, no later than by 15.10.2020, after which he or she will receive an unsubscribe form, which he or she completes with suitable information and sends it back. The organizer of the marathon is obliged to arrange a refund before the event in case all the conditions are met.

Starter package pick up is available only during the Running fair Tečem with a runner's valid.


HALF MARATHON (21.098 m) - starting time at 10:30 a.m.:

Men A born 2002 - 1991: 18 to 29 years
Men B born 1990 - 1986: 30 to 34 years
Men C born 1985 - 1981: 35 to 39 years
Men D born 1980 - 1976: 40 to 44 years
Men E born 1975 - 1971: 45 to 49 years
Men F born 1970 - 1966: 50 to 54 years
Men G born 1965 - 1961: 55 to 59 years
Men H born 1960 - 1956: 60 to 64 years
Men I born 1955 - 1951: 65 to 69 years
Men J born 1950 and earlier: over 70 years
Women A born 2002 - 1991: 18 to 29 years
Women B born 1990 - 1986: 30 to 34 years
Women C born 1985 - 1981: 35 to 39 years
Women D born 1980 - 1976: 40 to 44 years
Women E born 1975 - 1971: 45 to 49 years
Women F born 1970 - 1966: 50 to 54 years
Women G born 1965 - 1961: 55 to 59 years
Women H born 1960 - 1956: 60 to 64 years
Women I born 1955 - 1951: 65 to 69 years
Women J born 1950 and earlier: over 70 years

* only runners born on of before 2002 can run on the half marathon, there will be no possible exceptions! Restrictions are determined in accordance with the AZS and IAAF rules. Any and all kinds of fraudulence will be treated as a rule violation. By registering, you guarantee all the information is correct!


Route course is flat. Start is at Slovenska cesta and finish at Kongresni trg. The course will be run on the inner city streets and roads and on the outskirts of Ljubljana. There are 4 refreshment stations and 2 water stations.

Refreshment station
Water station
Ascent: 52 m
Start: Slovenska cesta (near Drama), Slovenska cesta, Dunajska cesta, Ulica 7. septembra, Slovenčeva ulica, Podmilščakova ulica, Drenikova ulica, Aljaževa ulica, Goriška ulica, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade, Ulica Jožeta Jame, Pečnikova ulica, Regentova cesta, Vodnikova cesta, Šišenska cesta, Večna pot, Pot Roberta Blinca, Pot za Brdom, Cesta na Brdo, Rožna dolina Cesta II, Šestova ulica, Tržaška cesta, Aškerčeva cesta, Slovenska cesta, Finish: Kongresni trg
Insurance, liability and health

Every participant shall take part in the competition at his/her own risk. We recommend runners to take a preventive medical examination up to 30 days before the competition and obtain a doctor's confirmation that they are healthy and endeavor ready. There will be an on duty medical team alongside the marathon course (at each refreshment and water station) and at the marathon finish line.

Awards and money awards

The first three competitors in each category will receive medals, while the first three overall are awarded a trophy and cash prizes, which are subject to increase in case the course time is improved (1:04:55 men; 1:11:45 women). A memorial award with the runners achieved time can be picked up at the finish line or can be printed after the competition from our web site. Marathon competitors will also receive a memorial medal.

Award ceremony

Public awarding and prize giving is only for the overall male and female category. The first three competitors in each category receive awards at Trg republike, near the place for engraving medals and printing of diplomas.

General rules and conditions

Standard rules and conditions of IAAF (International Athletic Federation) and AZS (Athletic Federation of Slovenia) will apply. Information about the competition will be available at TIMING Ljubljana, Staničeva 41, 1000 Ljubljana, ph. +386 1 234 8000, e-mail: info@timingljubljana.si.

Official results will be published on this page. A committee shall be dealing with any complaints that may arise on the day of the race at the secretariat on Kongresni trg, between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Written complaints should be submitted to the committee together with the deposit of 40 €.

Volkswagen 25th Ljubljana Marathon Organizing Committee

Dear runners!

We would like to inform you that the Volkswagen 25th Ljubljana marathon is POSTPONED to 2021 due to the current situation.

All runners who already paid their entry fees have the two following options:

  • a TRANSFER of the application fee to 2021;
  • a full REFUND of the registration fee.

Please send us your decision by September 20th 2020 via E-mail info@timingljubljana.si.