Volkswagen 25th Ljubljana Marathon

October 25th, 2020

This year's marathon also as a Zero Waste event

Ljubljana, the green capital of Europe 2016, is the first European capital on its way to a waste-free society, which, with the adoption of the Zero Waste Plan, committed itself to promoting the organization of non-waste events. The Ljubljana Marathon is an example of good practice, as the Organizing Committee of the Volkswagen 24th Ljubljana Marathon, with the signing of the Zero Waste Covenant, promised that this year's marathon will be a Zero Waste event.

At the event, the participants will dispose of their waste separately. Throughout the marathon route and by the refreshment areas, containers will be put up for separate collection of waste: for packing and biological waste. On the start and the finish line, blue paper containers will also be used for the collection of paper and cardboard packaging. At the start line of the marathon and half marathon, there will also be a container for excess clothing.

We have also prepared some recommendations for runners as well as viewers in other for this year's marathon to produce as little waste as possible.

We suggest that:

  1. Prepare a snack or snacks to bring with you in a reusable container.
  2. In case you cannot eat the food you brought with you or purchased at the event, we propose you offer it someone from your group or take it home.
  3. Drink tap water and water from public water pipes and refill your bottles or canteens with it.
  4. Bring your items to the event in duffel bags and reusable bags.

Take part in bringing about of the Volkswagen 24th Ljubljana Marathon 2019 as a zero waste event (Zero Waste).