Volkswagen 22nd Ljubljana Marathon

October 29th, 2017

Marathon registration

Without paid cancellation policy, repayment (including medical certificate) will not be possible.

Paying cancellation policy reserves you the right of refunding the cost of the registration fee in case of cancellation performance at Marathon. The risk of failure is 5€ and it's due to pay at registration. Without paying cancellation policy, the repayment (including medical certificate) will not be possible.

Note: By signing below I certify that all information in this application form is true. I declare that I am healthy, fully prepared for the competition and have had a medical examination. I will follow all the instructions given by the organizer and compete at my own risk.

I am familiar with the dangers and risks that may occur during the competition, and declare that in case of any damages, caused by taking part at this competition, I will not sue or demand compensation from the organizer or Municipality of Ljubljana.

I agree that personal information that I have entered in this form will be used by Timing Ljubljana for general administration and communication and other matters of welfare relating to my participation at this event.

I agree that all information in this application and the results of competitions can be published in the media and on websites of the event, including my photographs, film and video clips, interviews, etc. without my additional special permission. I agree that the organizer is not responsible for any loss, damage, other claims, costs or expenses arising in connection with my participation at the event. The organizer will use the personal data of participants and store them in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (UL RS, 86/2004 - 94/2007). All personal information will be stored for as long as necessary. Each participant may withdraw permission at any time for the use of their personal data. Each participant shall have all rights in accordance to the Law on Protection of Consumers (UL RS 20/1998 - 126/2007).